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Aikido is a traditional, non-competitive, Japanese martial art, involving throwing and pinning techniques, the use of staff, wooden sword and knife, and the techniques of sword-drawing. Aikido study is totally committed to firm, sensitive contact with the partner, natural, flowing movements, and a vigorous, harmonious spirit. Aikido is equally suitable for men and women.

Partners learn specific techniques and general principles by taking turns to attack with a grasp or strike. Emphasis is placed on safe rolling and falling methods, so that partners can learn to receive techniques with energy and confidence. The Founder, Professor Morihei Ueshiba, developed Aikido in Japan in the early part of the 20th century. Classes at Meishokan pursue the insights and interpretations of Prof. T.K. Chiba, 8th Dan, a direct student of the Founder.


The New Gym
Comberton Sports and Arts
CB23 7DU

Aikido Training

Aikido classes are held at Comberton Sports and Arts on Monday evenings, 8:15pm - 9.45pm.
Usually starting in the Dance Studio, then moving to Climbing-Wall Gym

The dojo is closed on all Bank Holidays.


£5 per session. £3.50 per session for students and staff of Comberton Village College / Comberton Leisure / Comberton Sports and Arts.


There will be no class on Monday 22nd October 2018.



Dojo History

Aikido classes in Saffron Walden began on 7th October 1996, at the Saffron Walden County High School. Classes moved to the Bell Language School in November 1996, and continued there until the Language School closed in 2007.

Meanwhile the County High School had been building a new Sports Centre, and classes moved there in September 2007.

In September 2012, the the Meishokan dojo will be in Comberton, near Cambridge.

Meishokan means “House of Transmitted Light”. The name was given in 1998 by Prof. Chiba, and reflects a close connection with Shinmei-kan (London Aikikai) dojo in London. Shinmei-kan means “House of New Light”.

Contact Meishokan

Sumiotoshi drawing (© Oscar Ratti)


Alan Stevens, 4th dan, Fukushidoin


tel: 07837 948219

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